B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering)

Department Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering, the broadest of all Engineering disciplines deals with design and production of tools, machines and all other mechanical equipment to be used in industries. The industry offers a wide choice of options extending across many interdisciplinary interdependent specialties. Mechanical engineering is concerned with all types of machinery in industries and all aspects of their mechanism and functioning; the design, development, construction, production, installation, operation and maintenance; such as large steam and gas turbines, components of thermal power stations, internal combustion engines, jet engines, machine tools, air conditioning and heating equipment, refrigerators etc to name only a few. The Mechanical Engineers not only design and create new products, but also develop materials for them and ways of making them.

In a way, mechanical engineers are involved in creating the future. They are the driving force behind many of our technologies and industrial processes including innovative products like mobiles, PCs and DVD etc. The work of a Mechanical Engineer can be extremely challenging and fulfilling, requiring IT, design and analytical skills together with ability to work as a team. As their work involves production, transmission and use of mechanical power and heat, they have to analyze different materials used for the machines and their tolerances; investigate the different energy sources and the power they generate and the design problems if any. When designing and making a commercial product they have to take into account all the business and marketing aspects to make sure that the product is affordable. They share interests with many other engineers like Civil Engineers in structures and stress analysis; Electrical engineers in electronics, computing and control theory; Aeronautical Engineers in fluid flow and turbo machinery etc and also design tools needed by other engineers. They work as part of a team with other engineers as well as financial, business and management professionals on all projects. Mechanical Engineers are also responsible for maintenance and repair of the devices.

  • To get broad exposure to all areas of Mechanical Engineering so as to be technically competitive and forge ahead in the race for quality employment.
  • To acquire practical experience in Mechanical Engineering discipline through design projects and opportunities to work with faculty in research.
  • To be trained and groomed for meet the technological challenges and diverse needs of industry and society in various areas of Mechanical Engineering and to excel it global level.
  • To acquire fundamental technical knowledge and skill in mathematics, science and engineering for recognizing and solving problems in the areas of design, development and manufacturing.
  • To acquire necessary skills and practical experience for fulfilling their professional duties and responsibilities in teamwork, ethics, technical leadership, and business acumen.
  • To be in a position to practice professionally in various positions in industry or government.
  • To become successful engineers, scientists, researchers, and innovators and make substantial contributions to the society at large.

Career Options:

In the government sector, fresher could join as Junior Engineers and go up the ladder as Assistant Engineers, Assistant Executive Engineer, Executive Engineer, and Superintending Engineers and so on.

Mechanical engineers are required in automobile, chemical, electronics, steel plants, oil exploration and refining, technical wings of armed forces, space research organization, etc. Candidates with post graduate degree or additional management degree can find work in administrative and managerial positions in government departments or public and private sector industries or engaged in aching or research. They can also opt for technical sales / marketing or work as independent consultants. Several government departments including Posts and Telegraphs, Defense, PWD, and CPWD employ mechanical engineers.
The aeronautical, agricultural, automobile, chemical, and power plants, as well as railways need mechanical engineers to design and maintain their machinery. In agricultural sector the mechanical engineers play a vital role by establishing service centers for maintenance of tractors, oil engines, pump sets, electric motors and other agricultural equipment. Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a unique 4-year undergraduate program leading to a B.Tech. degree in Mechanical Engineering with an intake of 60 students. Curriculum of this course is designed to meet current industrial requirements with an emphasis on industrial interaction and applied engineering.