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Department of Planning

Planning, development and management of human settlements is becoming an increasingly important task. As a result of technological advancements and integration of societies and economies of the world, planning of cities and regions has become very complex. Professionally trained Town and Country Planners are therefore needed in order to evolve new options for the development and management of human settlements. This applies not only to the planning of metropolitan areas but also to small cities, towns and villages. In almost all the major cities and towns in India, there are urban development authorities who seek the assistance and advice of urban planners.Of course, architects are also involved in the interior designing activities of such element. Students admitted to the 4 years.

B. Planning course are provided with broad knowledge and skills necessary to plan for integrated and balanced development of human settlements and areas of varying sizesand they undergo intensive training with tour planners and developers

Career Opportunities

Upon graduation, the students are recruited as professional planners in town and country planning offices throughout the country. Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, has accorded approval to this programme. The Institute of Town Planners, (sIndia) has also accorded professional recognition to the Bachelor of Planning programme. Holders of the Bachelor of Planning degree are eligible for admission to Masterís programmes in Indian and foreign universities. Which cover specializations like as Housing, Landscape Architecture, Transport Planning, Architectural Conservation, Environmental Planning, Urban Design, etc. This degree also serves to widen studentsí professional options after graduation. In terms of securing employment, both public and private sectors offer a range of jobs. Graduates work in organizations providing services in the fields of urban and regional planning, housing, transportation, urban design etc. Faculty of Architecture is well qualified and highly motivated faculties to produce the good planner for the future India.

Faculty of Architecture & Planning has following laboratories:

  • Studio cum class rooms
  • Audio Visual Lab
  • Architecture Workshop
  • Surveying & Leveling-1 Lab
  • Computer Centre