Rules and Regulations

General Code of Conduct and Discipline Rules for Students :

  1. Engineering / Management is a respectable profession and the foundation for India's future development. By creating wealth and employment opportunities, it seeks to raise the living standard of people in India. Therefore, it devolves upon the students to raise their standard of behavior, discipline, and commitment to studies.
  2. They should always approach their teachers and other staff members with due respect and courtesy.
  3. They should always treat their fellow students, especially girl students, with dignity and respect.
  4. They should never use any type of abusive or filthy language during conversation among themselves or with others, whether in or outside the college/ hostel/bus.
  5. They should strictly follow the hostel and mess rules prescribed by the college.
  6. They should be regular and punctual in attending their classes. Failure to do so without any convincing reason will automatically tantamount to an act of indiscipline.
  7. They should refrain from criticizing or making derogatory comments / remarks against the college administration, management, their teachers and other seniors.
  8. They should always be polite, friendly, and humble in their approach while dealing with staff/ faculty.
  9. They should always come to the college in modest and clean dress. Coming to college in loose dresses like Kurta Payjama, Kurta Dhoti, bathroom slippers, chappals, shorts and wearing of skirts by girls and , similar other casual dresses etc. are completely forbidden. They should always bear in mind that they have to exhibit a distinct standard of being the students of this prestigious Engineering Institute, and they are the trendsetters for future.
  10. Wearing of casual dresses should be avoided even when going to mess for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  11. They must not form any association, union, or club or organize any activity / gathering without prior permission of the DIRECTOR / DEAN.
  12. They should not indulge in politics, promote any political activities, organize or participate in any type of agitation or get involved in any activity detrimental to their academic progress and prestige of the Institute.
  13. Any function or celebration of any kind within the campus or outside the campus without the permission of the Director will be illegal and an act of indiscipline.
  14. Any form of collection or contribution, in kind or cash or by any other mode / means taken from the student(s) / Societies / outside agency without the permission of the DIRECTOR is illegal, and an act of indiscipline.
  15. The collection, if any, after proper permission from the Director, be done only by person/ persons who is/ are authorized in writing by the Director, and proper account must be submitted after the function is over.
  16. He / she / they shall be punished under the act of indiscipline by the authorities concerned, if they do not adhere to the above guidelines & norms.
  17. Students should themselves take care of their belongings, viz. books, calculator, cell phone, notes, writing and drawing materials, etc. while in the college/ hostel. Mischief, if any, in this regard should, however, be reported to the HOD concerned immediately.
  18. Students should maintain proper decorum in and outside the classrooms/Labs/Library/ T&P office/ Admin. Block / bus and should obey the instructions of the teachers and concerned staff members.
  19. They should not damage any college property, equipments, tools, instruments, furniture, cables, appliances like water cooler, fire extinguisher, display boxes for display of notices etc. and should not pluck flowers from flower beds/park etc.
  20. They are not allowed to eat in the classrooms, Labs, Workshops, and Library etc. They are also forbidden from chewing gums, pan parag, chewing pan, smoking, Drinking or using any other type of tobacco products in the college premises.
  21. Ragging in any form within or outside the college is strictly prohibited as per decision of the Supreme Court of India in writ petition No. (c) 656/1998 and defaulters, if any, will be severely dealt with. Based upon the gravity of offence, the punishment for violating this code may lead to expulsion from college.
  22. All students should clear their college dues and other dues, including mess dues, regularly and in time.
  23. Mobile are not allowed in campus.
  24. The students are cautioned against the following acts of indiscipline in particular, which may lead to severe punishments:
    • Misuse of or damage to the college property.
    • Violence on or off campus, involving physical assault on staff or fellow students.
    • Hooliganism in mess/bus or ill treatment with mess staff/bus staff.
    • Non-compliance with the instructions of administrative, teaching and instructional staff.
    • Regular absence from classes without prior permission. Such permission will, however, be granted only in exceptional cases on valid and convincing ground.
    • Ragging in any form.
    • Violation of the above code of conduct.
    • Any other conduct not consistent with the status of the students of this college and detrimental to the interests of the college and students community at large.
    • Possession and/ or use of transistors, tapes obscene magazines, periodicals, newspapers or any other objectionable material in the college.