CIE Diploma in Business level 5

In collaboration with Centre for Interactive Education ( we bring to you UK awards programme one of which is CIE level 5 Diploma in Business.

The CIE Level 5 Diploma in Business is a flexible programme and allows learners aged 19 and above to move towards Higher Education. The course has a high degree of practical element enabling learners to apply their theoretical knowledge into actual work.

Course Content

For successful completion of coursework credits are awarded according to the content. The course requires students to achieve 240 credits to gain the qualification. To complete the Diploma, learners will need to complete two mandatory Units and any four optional Units. Learners must show a strong commitment to study to successfully complete the course.

The Course entails the following units:-

Mandatory Units

  • Business Organisation
  • Finance for Managers

Optional Units

  • Human Resource Management
  • E-Commerce
  • Employability Skills
  • Business and Information System
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Personal & Professional Development
  • Marketing and Business Strategies
  • Leadership Management
  • People in Organisations
  • Research Project
  • Business Economics
  • Business and Enterprise Management

Entry Requirements

  • Any CIE Level 4 Diploma or equivalent
  • IELTS 5.0 or equivalent (recommended)

All CIE qualifications are very flexible and designed to enable learners from aged 19 and above to move forward towards their higher education, career and employment. Learners are required to demonstrate their ability, fitness and commitment to undertake CIE qualifications and centres are required to assess that based on learners educational and professional background, trainings and experience.

Progression Pathway

The course covers the key areas of business, management, finance and entrepreneurship. The course will develop your critical faculties, develop your learning skills and provide you with the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills.

With the completion of above qualification learners can apply for bachelors top up.